Bell Times


Our timetable has been developed to ensure that there is connection and continuity from Reception to 12. We believe that this day structure will provide our teachers with the flexibility to deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences for every student in every class across the school.

Key Features

Consistent start time of 8.40am every day with a dismissal time of 3.10pm. On Thursday, we will have a 2.15pm early dismissal to support staff professional learning, enabling us to continuously reflect on and improve on our practice. This is really important, as we know that the biggest influence on student achievement is the quality of teaching and the biggest influence on the quality of teaching is great professional learning. If there are children who cannot be picked up at this earlier time on the Thursday, who do not usually attend OSHC after school, we will provide supervision until 3.10pm in the library.

Common break times across the college. All year levels will have 2 x 30-minute breaks. Many students feel that recess is too short, and lunch is too long. We have also found that many students eat the majority of their food at recess rather than lunch, so providing the same amount of time for both provides flexibility for students. Having a later recess and lunch time also enables much of the learning to occur before lunch, which research indicates is the period of the day when staff and students are the most productive. Primary years students will have eating breaks before the afternoon break if they are hungry.

We have 3 blocks of between 60-70 minutes for each subject. We feel that this period is optimal for quality learning and student engagement. Sometimes a 50-minute lesson is not quite long enough, and a 100-minute double lesson goes a little too long.

Thrive Time’ – we have intentionally timetabled 3 blocks throughout the week when all Riverbanks College students will participate in a structured, and well planned student wellbeing for learning program that is driven by our school values.


Start Time

8.40am – Mon to Fri


Finish Time

3.10pm – Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri

2.15 – Thurs


Recess Time

Primary: 10.30am – Mon to Fri

Secondary: 11.am – Mon to Fri


Lunch Time


1.00pm – Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri

12.45pm – Thurs


1.40pm – Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri

12.45pm – Thurs