Sports Day

Sports Day Rivers

Riverbanks College’s Sports Day will be held on Friday 17 March 2023 on the school oval. We are excited to celebrate this wonderful day with our community, as parents are welcome to attend and cheer on your children.

On the day students are expected to meet in their thrive classroom for a roll check at 8:30am. With the official welcome happening at 8:45am on the oval with students getting into their teams. All students will be dismissed from the oval at 3:10pm our usual finishing time.

Rory’s School Lunches will be available on the day and orders can be purchased through the Qkr! app. Parents/carers are welcomes to purchase coffee and other refreshments from the canteen.

Students are encouraged to dress up in their river colours on the day and prizes will be awarded for the best dressed. Students are not permitted to bring body paint or hair spray as it can stain the toilets and sporting mats. Students are encouraged to be imaginative in their dress, but must maintain the decorum appropriate for a school event eg tops and bottoms that provide adequate sun protection and do not expose bare midriffs, chests etc. Students need to be sun-smart and wear and reapply sunscreen, as well as consuming adequate fluids throughout the day. Students should have a water bottle as we have plenty of filling stations around the school.

Sports Day Rules


Students may enter as many events as they wish. All individual events count for year level trophies, excluding novelties and relays. Novelty Events include: Tug of War, Corner Spry, Spoke Relay, Obstacle Run, Egg and Spoon Race, and Charlie Chaplin.


2 competitors from each river are required for each track event (D1,D2,D3) and up to 4 competitors are allowed for each field event. 1500m will be limited to 10 competitors from each river.

School Rules for Sports Day

  1. It is a normal school day beginning at 8:35am. Students are expected to attend regardless of whether they are competing. If absent, a note explaining this absence is required.
  2. It is a casual clothes day. Students should try and wear clothes in house team colours. Sensible attire is required.
  3. Lunch passes will not be issued. Students are expected to remain at school all day. Students will be dismissed at approximately 3:10pm.
  4. Students and staff are advised to remain hydrated and be sun smart on the day. Hats are advised when not competing and sunscreen should be reapplied throughout the day and shade shelters will be available.

Advice for Competitors

  1. When competing in track events. Competitors should stay in their lanes after finishing. A judge will come and give the competitor his/her position and hand out place cards.
  2. For track events, competitors are to report to the marshalling area at least 5 minutes before their event. If in 2 events at once. Competitors must excuse themselves from the field event and compete in the track event, and then return to the field event straight after.
  3. Competitors should report direct to the field event area at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  4. Competitors should not eat or drink too much right before competing.
  5. Try to complete all events and give your personal best effort.
  6. The commands from the starter will be ‘ON YOUR MARKS’ competitors should move forward to settle into their start position. Then the starter will say ‘SET’ competitors will then lean forward remaining still and balanced behind the start line. Only then will the starter fire the gun. If a competitor breaks twice, they are disqualified.
Food and Drinks

Rory’s will be open on the day and we encourage everyone to order via the Qkr! app to avoid disappointment.

Lions Club will be onsite from 11:00am-2:00pm serving soft drinks and sausages.

A coffee van will be onsite in the morning until 11:00am selling coffees and baked goods.

Sports Day Map
Sports Day Fundraiser 2023

We are pleased to team up with Sports Day Essentials for fabulous fundraising opportunity just in time for sports day!

Sports Day Essentials’ one stop shop stocks a great range of coloured T shirts, socks and fun accessories in one place, all year round…No more searching the shops for your elusive colour or size!

Sports Day Essentials will donate 15% of the total value of sales back to the school, and you will save by avoiding our usual shipping fee. Orders are sent directly to school for distribution.

Orders close Monday 6 March. All orders will be at the school by Friday 10 March and will be sent home with the student.

To order go to and use the code RBC23.

Sports Day Results 2023