We believe that a school uniform plays an important role in promoting a positive image of the school and creating a sense of identity and belonging for our students, both at school and in the community. All students, parents and staff have a role to play in working collaboratively to encourage compliance with the school uniform and dress code standards.

Our school dress code is the documented standards of what’s acceptable in relation to the clothing worn by students while attending school, travelling to and from school and representing the school.

We believe that we have created a vibrant, comfortable, inclusive, functional and affordable school uniform that meets the needs of our students birth to 12.

The design and concept of our school uniform was determined locally by the school principal and supported by student and community consultation.

All decisions made considered the diverse nature of our student population so as to not disadvantage or exclude any student or family. The economic, personal, social, and cultural factors affecting students and their families was and will always be key considerations when deciding on items of uniform.

In making decisions about the dress code our governing council will always consider the cost of compliance and include financial strategies to keep these costs as low as practical for families. Families experiencing financial hardship can contact school leadership so that we can provide adequate support with uniform purchase.

All students are expected to wear full school uniform. It promotes pride in presentation, supports equity principles and allows staff to provide care to students who are immediately recognisable as Riverbanks College B-12 students.

How do I purchase the uniform?

Uniforms can be purchased online at the Online Uniform Shop. If you are not sure of sizing you can visit the newly opened uniform shop at Shop 16 Craigmore Village, 170-190 Yorktown Road, Craigmore.

Collection/Delivery Options

  • Visit your online shop, open 24/7
  • Home Delivery: Deliveries to your home or workplace will be delivered within 2-3 business days.
  • Collect from Uniform Shop: Collect from Uniform shop 16 Craigmore shopping Village.

What can I do with my uniforms that are still in good condition but too small for my child?

We have created a parent Facebook group dedicated to buy/swap/sell of pre-loved uniforms. This group is called ‘Riverbanks College B-12 Uniform Marketplace’. This is a private group run by some of the parents of the school. Once you become a member of the group please take a few minutes to read the group rules.