Proposed Day Structure

The day structure below is a draft version. A final version will be presented to the Riverbanks College B-12 governing council for endorsement and approval.


We believe that this day structure will allow us to develop a B-12 timetable that will provide our teachers with the flexibility to deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences for every student in every class across the college.

Key Features
  • Consistent start time of 8:45 am every day with a dismissal time of 3:15pm. On Thursday,  we will have a 2:20 pm dismissal to support staff professional learning so that we can continuously reflect on and improve on our practice.
  • Common break times across the college. All year levels will have 2 x 30-minute breaks. Many students feel that recess is too short, and lunch is too long. Having later recess and lunch times enables much of the learning to occur before lunch which research tells us is the period of the day when staff and students are most productive.
  • ‘Thrive Time’. We have intentionally timetabled 3 blocks throughout the week where all Riverbanks College students will participate in a structured student wellbeing for learning program that is driven by our school values, the child protection curriculum and student leadership.
Our Proposed Timetable