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Governing Council

Role of Council

The Governing Council plays a vital role in shaping the overall direction and policies of our school. Comprising of dedicated parents, teachers, community members, and sometimes students, the council serves as a representative body that works collaboratively with the school administration to ensure the best possible educational experience for our students.

Here are some key points to understand about the Governing Council’s function:

Decision-making and Policy Development: The council actively participates in decision-making processes and contributes to the development of policies that impact various aspects of our school, such as curriculum, discipline, extracurricular activities, and budget allocation. They work to align these policies with the school’s purpose and vision.

Collaboration and Accountability: The council fosters collaboration and open dialogue among all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, students, and the administration. By encouraging active engagement and providing a platform for constructive feedback, the council ensures that diverse perspectives are considered when making important decisions.

Representation and Advocacy: The council acts as a voice for the school community, representing the interests and concerns of parents, students, and staff. They advocate for the best possible resources, support, and opportunities that will enhance the educational experience of our students.

Review and Evaluation: The council periodically reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of existing policies and initiatives. This process helps identify areas of improvement and ensures that our school remains responsive to evolving needs and trends in education.

Community Engagement: The council actively seeks to involve the wider school community in decision-making processes. They organise informational sessions, events, and other forums to encourage participation and gather input from families, staff, and students.

We value the input and involvement of our families in the education of our students, and the Governing Council provides a platform for this collaboration.

If you would like to raise a question or concern for consideration at Governing Council, then please use the following email address and it will be raised at our next meeting  dl.1913.govcouncil@schools.sa.edu.au.

Governing Council Members

A huge thank you to our fantastic Governing Council representatives for 2024:

Staff Representatives
  • Joe Priolo, Principal
  • Julie Heddle, Business Leader
  • Lauren Kluske
  • Beth Brown
Community Representatives
  • Glen Docherty, Community Member
  • Phil McLennen, ISS Representative
  • Joshua Jenkins, ISS Representative
Parent Representatives
  • Nicole Calvaresi
  • Kelly Hansen
  • Steph Supple
  • Erin Lear
  • Tarnee Reese
  • Emma Ellis
  • Narelle Warner
Future Membership

Prior to the Annual General Meeting, parents/caregivers will be invited to nominate for a position on the Governing Council, after which the positions will be decided by a vote of the parent/caregivers attendees at the meeting. The selection process considers the skills and experience that best meet the needs of the Governing Council.