YMCA Services

Early Learning and Care

YMCA Early Learning and Care
At Riverbanks College B-12 ELC in Angle Vale we offer high quality services for children and families that require care during the working day. We provide a place where children can grow and learn and encourage them to ask questions to guide their own learning journey in their early years of life.

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OSHC/Vacation Care

YMCA OSHC/Vacation Care
YMCA OSHC provides a safe, fun, and stimulating place for children before and after school as well as Vacation Care during the school holidays. Riverbanks B-12 College OSHC provides children with a mix of physical activity, creative and artistic projects, and opportunities to rest and play in a safe and engaging environment, led by quality educators.

Contact the OSHC Support Team
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Phone: (08) 8200 2516

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