Technology: Digital Delivery

All year 7 to 10 families have now been sent invoices and payment plans in the post. Details are included to pay your deposit, pay for the device in full or arrange a payment plan for your child’s laptop ready for 2024.

What do I need to do?
  • Select which payment plan best suits your needs
  • Pay your deposit by the end of 2023 (once invoice is recieved).

Payments can be made via Qkr! app, cash, direct debt (by application) or EFT.

For more information on the Qkr! app click here.

We know that when the effective use of technology is coupled with quality teaching and learning, the opportunity for students to be successful is greater. We are committed to using current, new and emerging technologies to improve the learning experiences for all students. We use a blended digital delivery method utilising the Microsoft Education Suite, enabling students to experience immersive learning experiences ensuring they thrive in today and tomorrow’s world.

Microsoft Teams and OneNote drives the digital delivery of teaching and learning at Riverbanks College, allowing for greater collaboration and access to learning in a safe and secure digital environment.

We value and encourage open communication with our families. We will utilise an online communication portal as our primary source of communication with families.

We know that students benefit from having a quality device, 24/7 access to learning materials and the ability to collaborate throughout their learning journey. Having a touch enabled device with high-quality stylus integration supports collaboration and learning opportunities across the site.

Within the early years of learning, our students will access iPads to strengthen their literacy and numeracy development. Transitioning into the primary years students will utilise banks of Microsoft Surface Pro 7’s to develop digital literacy and enhance learning. Within the middle and senior years, we will implement a one-to-one laptop program in partnership with Microsoft ensuring students continually improve and develop their digital skills and enhance their learning.

At Riverbanks College, we are committed to providing support and understanding that students and families need to connect and operate effectively within our digital environment.